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Tiancheng food chestnut manufacturer teaches you how to choose good chestnuts?

2021-07-28 04:23:05

Everyone knows that the growth of chestnuts is not very uniform, which results in a relatively large difference in quality. If some chestnuts of poor quality are lacking in taste and value, you should pay attention to it when buying. Selection, then how to choose a good chestnut, the following Tangshan chestnut manufacturer Tiancheng Foods will provide a few specific tips.

1. Look at its appearance. The surface of a good-quality chestnut should be dark brown with a little red head. If it is found that its appearance is discolored, dull or has black shadows, then it means it is Poor quality products.

2. Using the hand pinch method, fresh and plump chestnuts will definitely be hard when pinched in your hands. If it is a little soft when pinched, it is either dry or simmered inside. This type of chestnut is usually stored for a long time or is damaged inside. Don't buy it.

3. You can also look at the fluff on the surface. Everyone knows that chestnuts have a lot of fluff on the tail. The surface is bright, and the hair on aged chestnuts is generally less, only a little bit on the tip of the tail. The tails of new chestnuts generally have more fluff.

4. You can take a sample and observe it. After picking a chestnut and biting it open, observe its internal state, whether it is the natural color. If the color is different near the outer shell, it means it has been soaked in the potion and the potion has penetrated into the fruit. This quality is poor.

The above is an introduction on how to choose a good chestnut. I hope it can be helpful to everyone. For more information, please pay attention to Tangshan Tiancheng Food.

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