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Tangshan Tiancheng Food chestnut manufacturer introduces the method of picking chestnut

2021-07-28 04:23:05

Chestnut is a snack that people like to eat very much in daily life. Chestnut is delicious, but everyone knows that the chestnut on the tree is prickly. If you want to pick it is not very easy, the following Tiancheng food chestnut manufacturer will bring it Everyone understands the method of picking chestnut kernels.

 The method of harvesting chestnut and sweet chestnut is to adopt the natural fruit drop harvesting method, that is, after the chestnut matures, the involucre (chestnut) cracks, the fruit can fall naturally, and it can be picked in the morning, and the chestnut sweet chestnut harvested in this way is full and plump. , Durable storage, but it also has a shortcoming, that is, the harvesting period is relatively long, suitable for small-scale harvesting.

 The common way to take chestnut is to use the method of knocking down. First, you need to prepare a long bamboo pole, and use the bamboo pole to beat the chestnut chestnut until it falls to the ground. Don't touch it directly with your hands. The inside is covered with various sharp thorns. , Rub the fallen chestnut in the soil with our shoes, and slightly remove the sharp parts of the thorns.

 The advantage of the method of using bamboo poles is that the harvest can be completed at one time. After harvesting, the involucre is accumulated and covered, and water is sprayed at any time when it is dry. A few days later, the involucre all cracked, and the fruit was taken out. Put on leather gloves and pick up the prickly chestnuts into the bag, but this will cause some immature chestnuts to fall down, failing to achieve complete maturity.

 The above is the method of picking chestnuts introduced by the chestnut manufacturer. When picking, pay attention to avoid being stabbed by his appearance. In fact, the ones that fall to the ground are good, and they are complete and mature.

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