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Do you know how many chestnut kernels can be produced from a pound of chestnuts?

2021-07-28 04:23:05

There are many different factors influencing the rate of producing chestnut kernels. Below, Tangshan Tiancheng will lead you to learn more about it:

First of all, the thickness of the shell and the size of the fruit grains of different types of chestnut kernels are quite different. These different types of chestnuts also have different kernel rates. For example, the chestnuts in the north are smaller, and the kernel rate will be lower. On the contrary Some types of chestnut kernels in the south are larger, and the rate of kernel production is also higher.

Also, whether the Kanban chestnut is bad or not is its bad fruit rate. If there are some bad fruits during the process of shelling the chestnut, such as empty shell, it will have an impact on the kernel rate.

However, these two elements have a relatively small impact on the rate of kernel output. Normally, if there are not too many bad chestnuts, about 6-8 taels of chestnut kernels can be produced per pound.

After the chestnut is peeled, it will be more difficult to store. Usually it is necessary to make it into a bag of snacks or stop low-temperature refrigeration, so as to have a longer storage time.

I believe everyone has understood the issue of chestnut kernel rate. Under normal conditions, about 6-8 taels of chestnut kernels can be produced per catty. After peeling, the chestnut kernels should be eaten as soon as possible to avoid excessive storage time. Deterioration occurs. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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