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Chestnut shells are more valuable than chestnut kernels when used in this way

2021-07-28 04:23:05

In normal life, we all like to eat this nut very much, because it tastes very delicious, especially this freshly fried chestnut, but when it comes to this chestnut, we all just peel off the chestnut shell and remove the inside After eating the flesh, we discarded this chestnut shell. In fact, what we all never expected is that this chestnut shell has a magnificent magical effect in our lives. First of all, let’s talk about a small magical effect of this chestnut. We can put it on the bottom of our flowerpot. Everyone knows that there are water holes under the flowerpot, but these flowers and plants still have this phenomenon of rotten roots. Just put the chestnut skin under the flowerpot, so that the air permeability of the flowerpot and the water permeability are particularly good, so that the roots of the flower and grass will never rot. It’s rooted. The important point is that even if this chestnut decays underneath, it won’t cause any harm to the flowers and plants. Instead, it can turn into fertilizer to provide the flowers and plants with this nourishment.

The second little trick is that we can pour some soil into this flowerpot. We mix this soil with the chestnut shell according to the ratio of 1:2. We break this chestnut shell into pieces, we Can spread a layer of soil and put a little chestnut shell on a little bit of soil and put a little chestnut shell on

Then after the chestnut skin is completely mixed with the soil, we can pour a little water into the potted plant, spray the water evenly, and then we can take out the plastic wrap at home. We use plastic wrap to put this Wrap the potted plant in this way and let it ferment like this. After the chestnut skin is completely mixed with the soil, the nutrient soil for this potted plant is ready. We only need to mix the seeds of these plants with this Plant seedlings placed in this soil can allow them to grow quickly, and they grow very fast.

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