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Tangshan chestnut kernel manufacturers talk about the tricks of seedling planting and nursery management

2021-07-28 04:23:05

Tangshan chestnut kernel manufacturers talk about the tricks of seedling planting and nursery management

Seedling planting

The grafted seedlings should be planted into the well-prepared nursery hotbed in time. Planting on a high bed, applying plantar fertilizer, deep turning and fine tilling, leveling the bed surface, the border width is 1.-1.5 meters, and the length is about 10 meters. Dig the planting ditch according to the row spacing of 10 cm × 0 cm. If there is no moisture content, water the planting ditch. The planting ditch should be ditched vertically from one side down, and the bandage should be held by hand, and placed vertically into the ditch from one side, and from the other side. Seal the fine soil until the scion buds face to the surface, so that the buds are slightly exposed, and then compact the soil, and do not damage the bandage. Immediately after planting, set up the bow shed. The appropriate vertical height between the center of the bow shed and the sky is 50 cm. The surrounding area should also be pressed tightly to prevent wind and air. The temperature in the shed is maintained at 18-0°C. The general request must be received before the first ten days of April.

Nursery management methods.

1. Adhere to the temperature and humidity in the plastic shed: When the temperature in the shed rises to 0℃, immediately uncover the plastic films on both sides of the shed, ventilate and cool down, and keep the relative humidity in the shed above 90%. Spray water once every -5 days, and it is advisable to always stick to the mist.

2. Seedling tempering: Seedling tempering is the main measure to promote the development of grafted seedlings and improve the quality of seedlings. Seedlings can be healed in 10-15 days after grafting, and leaves can be placed in 0 days. At the end of April, the average daily temperature has reached 15°C, and seedlings should be stopped. At 1 o'clock in the afternoon on a sunny day, uncover all the film and cover it before sunset to gradually increase the sun's reflection time on the seedlings. After 5-7 days of refining the seedlings, the plastic film can be removed.

3. Removal of sprout: In order to speed up the healing of the grafted interface and improve the survival rate, the adventitious buds on the rootstock should be erased in time. Don't rush to cultivate the seedlings, which will affect the healing, germination and growth of the grafted seedlings, even if the scion is not alive. Only one bud can be left to promote the growth of grafted seedlings.

4. Strengthen water and fertilizer management: After uncovering the shed, the seedlings should be regularly loosened and weeded, watered in time, fertilized once every 10-15 days from June to July, and fertilized 4 times throughout the growth period. Concentration spraying, 4-5 kilograms of urea per mu, water immediately after application, and do not affect the growth of seedlings. At the same time, pay attention to drainage during the flood season.

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