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How to choose the sand for fried chestnut? Qianxi small package chestnut tells you

2021-08-17 11:31:19

How to choose the sand for fried chestnut? The chestnut kernel supplier tells you

The choices for fried chestnut sand include iron sand, river sand, and quartz sand. These types can be used, but most of them currently use quartz sand. Then, the sand proposed to choose larger particles, and after repeated frying, the sand was ground smoothly without any edges or corners. Why use sand for fried chestnuts. Because the specific heat capacity of iron (the heat absorbed by raising the temperature) is small, the heat absorbed by the iron pan itself is small, and the heat transfer is rapid; on the contrary, the chestnut shell has a large specific heat capacity and a small thermal conductivity. Therefore, most of the heat is absorbed by the chestnut shell, and as long as a small part of the heat is transferred to the inside of the chestnut shell, it is used to heat the chestnut kernel.

  Even if no sweetener is added, the sand and sugar in the pot will react to high temperatures and repeated frying will constitute a harmful ingredient-caramel. Chestnuts stir-fried after adding wax are more harmful to the human body. Therefore, we should not be fooled by the appearance of chestnuts. Although the fried chestnuts are more delicious, most of them are not very healthy, and the unspoken fried chestnuts are more healthy. For sugar-fried chestnuts, it is recommended that you try to make them yourself or go to the right-track supermarket to buy them. It is not recommended to buy sugar-fried chestnuts sold by street vendors, because the raw materials of those sugar-fried chestnuts are very problematic and many of them have been specially disposed of. The raw materials used in chestnut wholesale may not be maltose, but sweeteners such as saccharin and caramel. If white sugar is used, it will turn into caramel at high temperatures. Both sweeteners and caramel are harmful to human health. of.

  This kind of chestnuts, which have been soaked in saccharin water beforehand, are often provided by other vendors in addition to being processed and stir-fried by the vendors themselves. Even some black-hearted vendors add a kind of wax to the chestnuts in order to make the chestnuts beautiful. This wax is attached to the chestnut skin after being heated and condensed in the pot. If it is repeatedly fried for a long time, it will soak into the chestnut meat. When customers choose this kind of chestnuts, they will feel that they feel good in hand and good in color. However, the color of ordinary chestnuts will not be so bright after being fried in a pot. In fact, chestnuts do not have teeth, and additives have little effect on chestnut meat, but the excessive amount of sweeteners added to opened chestnuts is harmful to the human body.

  The above is an introduction on how to choose the sand for fried chestnuts. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact the Tangshan chestnut kernel supplier.

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