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How does the chestnut grow? Qianxi small packaging chestnut wholesale manufacturers tell you

2021-08-17 12:07:37

How does the chestnut grow? Qianxi small packaging chestnut wholesale manufacturers tell you

Chestnuts do not have high requirements for the environment. Under normal environmental conservation, they will mature around October in autumn, and new and mature chestnuts will be sold on the market. During normal maintenance, sufficient light should be given to it, and it will be watered every 3 days or so. Water, apply phosphorus and potassium fertilizer once every 20 days, and control the temperature above 5℃ in winter, so that the chestnut can grow big and delicious fruits.

Many people like to eat chestnuts, but they don’t know when chestnuts come out. Ordinary chestnuts will mature in autumn, and new chestnuts will be sold in the market. Ordinary chestnuts like to grow in warm and humid environments, and most of them are scattered. In my country's Liaoning, Shandong and other regions.

Chestnuts are planted in the spring from March to April. The young shoots of the chestnut will grow in May. Its growth rate is relatively fast. Normally, the fruit will mature naturally in October in autumn. The mature chestnut not only tastes better, but also has better nutrition. Value can also reach deliciousness.

Fresh chestnuts must be selected so as not to affect the taste. You must first choose a good chestnut. There are two types of chestnuts on the market. One of them is called Mao Li. This kind of chestnut has many small and fine hairs on its shell, and the other is called Ming chestnut. The shell of this chestnut is more reflective and looks brighter than usual. After cooking these two types of chestnuts, the hair chestnuts taste softer and taste like sweet potato noodles. Compared with the bright chestnuts, the bright chestnuts are more fragrant and sweet. When we choose chestnut, we can choose both.

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