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Tangshan chestnut manufacturers tell you what to pay attention to when sugar-fried chestnuts

2021-08-16 06:01:51

Tangshan chestnut manufacturers tell you the problems to pay attention to when sugar-fried chestnuts

1. First of all, declare that chestnuts will explode and should be considered a risk product.

2. The chestnut should be cut in the thick skin of the tail, the depth should not be less than 5mm, and the length should exceed the entire thick skin, which can effectively avoid explosion and make the chestnut shell easier to peel off.

3. Please soak the chestnuts in water for a while before frying, which can effectively avoid water loss and prevent the meat from drying out.

4. Put the chestnuts in the pot when the salt is cold and heat them up gradually. Please keep stir fry during the whole process to make the chestnuts evenly heated. Partial heating will scorch the chestnuts and may cause an explosion.

5. Sugar can be kept, of course, it will be more fragrant after putting it, and it will feel more like fried chestnuts with sugar.

6. After the salt is fried and cooled, collect it and store it. It can be reused next time. If it becomes damp and agglomerates, add some new salt and heat it to disperse.

7. During the frying process, the temperature is very high, pay attention to burns-Dongguan Qianxi Chestnut Join

Stir-fried chestnuts in a pressure cooker

First cut the new raw chestnut on the convex surface (to cut through the skin), then put it into the hot pressure cooker, cover the valve, and shake it every 5 minutes to make the chestnuts evenly heated. It will be out of the pot in about half an hour. Don't make too much heat when frying. The Qianxi chestnuts fried in this way are hot and fragrant, and they are easy to peel.

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