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Qianxi small-package chestnut manufacturers tell you the history of chestnut

2021-08-16 06:22:19

Tangshan small-package chestnut manufacturers tell you the history of chestnut

Qianxi chestnut is small in appearance, reddish brown, with superficial waxy layer, bright and shiny; the nut is beige, the inner skin is easy to peel, the meat is delicate, glutinous, sticky, sweet and aromatic, and rich in nutrition. In March 2008, Qianxi chestnut was recognized as a Chinese trademark by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

The cultivation of chestnut in Qianxi has a long history, and there are records in "The Book of Songs", "Warring States Policy", "Zuo Zhuan", "The Analects", "Compendium of Materia Medica", "Nongzheng Quanshu" and other books.

"The Book of Songs" has a verse of "the hazel chestnut of the tree". According to the "Warring States Policy", when Su Qin persuaded Yan Wenhou, he said: "Yan State...there is the Rao of Yanmen Gate in the south, and the benefits of Zaoli in the north. Although the people do not have farms, they are rich in Zaoli. Also." The Han Dynasty's "Historical Records · Huoji Biography" said: "Yan Qin Qianshu Li...This person is a thousand households and so on." The "North" and "Yan" here include the area moved to the west today. This place was the origin of chestnut very early, and the consumption of chestnut is more prosperous. There are also many records in "Shan Hai Jing", "Lü Shi Chun Qiu" and "Xijing Miscellaneous Notes". "Qing Yi Lu" records an anecdote: When the emperor of the Jin Dynasty chased an enemy in a chase, the supply of rations was not enough, the soldiers did not enter the grain for three days, and their morale fell sharply. Traveling to the east of Luan River in Yanshan Mountain, and seeing a mountain of chestnuts, the sergeants were ordered to steam the chestnuts for food to fill their stomachs. So morale was boosted and the enemy was defeated. As a result, the soldiers called chestnuts "Hedong rice." The "Qian'an County Chronicles" of the Republic of China recorded the Qianxi chestnut as follows: "Yi Jing is rich in production, and the market is far-reaching, and it is a large number of Yi Jing". The "Yi Jing" here mainly refers to the area of Qianxi today. Large chestnut trees of 100 to 200 years old can be seen everywhere in the territory. There are still many 300 to 500 years old chestnut trees in Xinlizhuang, Hanerzhuang, Lishuwanzi and other places, which are still thriving. Gu Li was born in the first 600 years.

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