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How to preserve too much chestnut? Chestnut kernel wholesale manufacturers tell you

2021-08-17 09:44:43

Normally August and September are the seasons when chestnuts mature. Some chestnut wholesalers cannot sell the chestnuts after they are recycled. They want to store them but worry about the moisture and mold. The taste of chestnuts will be affected. Tiancheng Food will teach you the following Several ways to store chestnuts.

1. Ventilated storage: In fact, it is relatively simple to ventilate and store chestnuts. We only need to dry the fresh chestnuts in a windy environment, use some net-shaped bags to put the chestnuts inside, and then put the chestnuts in the cool center, so that the chestnuts can be stored for a longer time, because chestnuts After ventilation, the moisture on the outside of the chestnuts was blown dry.

2. Wooden barrel storage: If we have wooden barrels or wooden boxes in our house. The effect could not be better for storing chestnuts. It is possible to sprinkle some wet sand on the bottom of the wooden barrel or wooden box. The ratio of chestnuts to sand is 1:2. Space the container with 6 cm of wet sand. Then put the wooden barrel in a ventilated and dry place, using this method to store chestnuts, the time will be longer.

3. Cooling and refrigeration: If we say that chestnuts are cooled and refrigerated, of course, it is more suitable to put them in the refrigerator. We can clean the chestnut shells for novel chestnuts, and then we need to dry the moisture on the outer shell, and then use some fresh-keeping bags or Said cling film packs up the chestnuts. At the same time, remind everyone that you should tighten the opening of the fresh-keeping bag, stop the chestnuts, and then put the chestnuts in the refrigerated layer of the refrigerator. Use this method to store the chestnuts, then the chestnuts should not be stored for about 1-2 months. It will change, and there is no need to worry about chestnuts getting wet.

4. Sand and stone mixing: We need to prepare a jar and put some sand under the jar. This method is more suitable for storing large quantities of chestnuts. The method is to dry the harvested chestnuts in the sun for 1-2 days, then bury them deeply in the sand, step on them and compact them tightly and airtight. This method can be stored for 2-3 months, and it tastes fresh.

The above is a summary of the storage methods of chestnut, if you have other needs, please feel free to contact the wholesale manufacturer of chestnut kernels.

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