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Wan Nian Fu Qiang Sai Kung Li

Wan Nian Fu Qiang Sai Kung Li

  • Classification:Gan Liren Series
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  • Date of issue:2021-09-14 15:13:19
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Temperature is the primary element to maintain the quality of chestnut kernels. Breathing is expensive, the quality drops quickly, and it is also prone to disease and insect damage. If the temperature is too low, the seeds will be frozen. Therefore, the main measures to maintain the life activities of chestnut kernels in a relatively low range are completed by controlling the temperature, which is roughly in the range of 0~-2℃. After harvesting, the chestnut enters a dormant state, but it is stored until the Spring Festival. As the temperature rises, the dormancy of chestnut seeds is gradually lifted and germinates. Germination cannot be suppressed even under refrigerated conditions at 0°C. The treatment method is to further reduce the storage temperature of chestnut kernels to -2 to -4°C before the dormancy is released. Keep the dormancy from being lifted or enter the second dormancy or force the critical storage temperature. The activity of most pathogenic bacteria is suppressed. Therefore, it has a direct effect on reducing storage decay.

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